The Blind Boys Of Alabama

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Way Down In The Hole - The Blind Boys Of Alabama
This was the theme to 'The Wire' season 1
Original by Tom Waits?

I use the Bbm and Eb chords up on 6th fret, then slide down for the F7
and I think it's 16 bar blues not 12 so watch the timing/phrasing 
I got the chords off Ukulele Hunt... so thanks!

Intro same as verse chords

If you walk through the garden, you gotta watch your back
                  Eb                                 Bbm
Well I beg your pardon, walk the straight and narrow track
If you walk with jesus, he’s gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil
F7               Bbm
Way down in the hole

He’s got the fire and the fury, at his command
Well you don’t have to worry, if you hold on to jesus hand
We’ll all be safe from satan
When the thunder rolls
Just gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole

Instrumental break

All the angels sing about jesus’ mighty sword
And they’ll shield you with their wings, n' keep you close to the lord
Don’t pay heed to temptation
For his hands are so cold
You gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole